Wednesday, December 01, 2010


they say in new york that close to 45% of women between 25 - 65 never marry. that's because they are so busy kicking ass and enjoying each other's uplifting, empowering and inspirational time. last night was one of those times. style expert and ultimate cutie, pamela pekerman put together an incredibly chic holiday accessory guide party at dasha wellness in the galleria on 57th street. not only was the spa and its owner, shannon, divine, free massages were doled out amongst the guests. as were delicious cranberry detox drinks, fretzels by jill and glow gluten free cookies. then like a new oprah order, hostess pamela took the stage and showered guests with her holiday gift list which she then also gifted. little lingerie underthings from blush, dangling earrings from disney couture, my favorite, a gift card to daffy's for really great cheap chic finds, amongst a list of really fabulous style-y things that only a girl, at a girly party, who loves girly things would absolutely love. thank you pam. what a treat!


Anonymous said...

ummmm, I LOVE fretzels!

Pamela Pekerman said...

so glad you came lady. I had a blash showcasing my top 10 accessory gifts for the holiday season and you being there made it even better. big hugs and drinks later this month!!

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