Friday, December 30, 2005

new york knickers

with my sister back from switzerland for the holidays, she was able to share with me the latest european fashions. switzerland is faaaaancy. people go to the supermarket in roberto cavalli dresses ferchrissakes!?! apparenly, the apparel du jour is knickers with knee high boots. she said all the girls are wearing these knee-length knickers that do a little puff at the hemline with knee-high, high heeled boots (stockings, both fishnet and matte can be used to cover the difference. oddly enough, I was in wal-mart on long island picking up some holiday cards and I came across a pair of said kinckers for $12.99. I live in two of the most fashionably dense cities in the country and I have not seen these knickers...but i see them in wal-mart on middle country road!?!?! must-have!! size 6. $13. caitlin said they looked like cardboard pants because of the poor quality. I didnt care. I wore them on x-mas. yesterday when we were bringing cait to the airport, there were two girls on line at swiss air who had the outfit on. It was really fun to put a image to the trend. I am heading to nashville next week to shoot the look for less. I told my sister I would wear that outfit on-air as an homage to her and her new country. j'taime caitlin. bon jour! au revoir.

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elgreg said...

Yes It's true in swiss country, geneva, the look is knickers with Knee High Boots.... super sexy salut!

no need to leave, google it here