Saturday, January 20, 2007

buzzy lil bee.

I had a fab shoot yesterday with citybuzz. ngaire and andi were over early to do my hair and makeup then I headed over to hollywood and highland to do some standups for the gig. we ended up getting a hotel room at the renaissance to shoot our voice-over work in. it was a beautiful room with a beautiful view of the hills as the sun set. the crew was great. I had a blast. look for the citybuzz name at your local LAX in the coming weeks. afterwards I headed out to dinner with friends. we wanted to go to the new village idiot but like anything in this town that resembles a new york spot, there was a two hour wait. we ended up at bld on beverly and although we requested a red wine from spain that a few days back my sommelier friend adam said is the thing to be drinking these days, we ended up sipping on a nice cab from chile.


Anonymous said...

you look so pretty!xomom

Anonymous said...

you need to get on E! or have a show like those crazy women on the view or have your own game show or reality show.

get out of basic cable and become super famous.

no need to leave, google it here