Friday, January 26, 2007

le doo

had dinner with the wittens last night at boa which is always a nice evening out. with pilot season in full swing, there is no shortage of wannabe studs strutting the city and looking for stardom. I fell in to this category last night when I agreed to meet up with a friend from new york who is out here with four friends from new york for pilot season. ended up heading over to les deux, lonnie and boogie's place that's all the rage these days. saw david's good friend, dr. will kirby (who was oddly enough wearing actual doctor scrubs) who I had never met before so that was cool. and the scene in the bathroom of the girls programming ceos and producers numbers into their phones off of business cards was worthy of its own saturday night live skit. it ended up actually being a really fun night of new yorkers. sadly there were no brit sightings.

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