Sunday, January 28, 2007

h&m q&a

you can take the girl out of long island but you can't the long island out of the girl. translation: I love me some malls. I headed to the bev center yesterday in search of a perfect pair of wide-leg paige denim and ended up popping in to the new h&m. I have been to h&m's all over the world and have gathered quite a collection of easy to wear and tear funky pieces so you can imagine my excitement to step into the newest los angeles location. two words: major disappointment. I don't know who is buying over but it looks like they are trying to compete with the XXI across the way. they've set up the merch to showcase the flimsiest and cheapest looking of their budget couture annnnnd the best stuff isn't in the store selection. what is going on here? this is just another example of how los angeles is its own wild and weird bubble on this side of the states. in new york, paris and geneve, girls scour racks for unique pieces at cheap prices and rock out like a kate moss-inspired rock star. after the bummer trip, I did as subliminally instructed and headed over to the XXI where I picked out a couple of very cute minis for under $50. also, with all of this metallic talk, keep an eye out for wet seal which has great cheapie metallic fabrics under ten bux. they also had a pair of pink jellies that I picked for five bux. I had the same pair a couple of seasons ago except they were ferragamo and had a triple digit price tag. bottom line is do not discount the discount. did I just say that? uhhh, yeah, I did.


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