Saturday, January 21, 2006

bang bang

You may remember Yoanna House from her days as winner of America's Top Model, Second Season. She is now hosting The Look for Less on the Style Network on which I often appear as the Stylist. In addition, Yoanna continues to model and as a result needs to be on top of the hottest trends. I was in Nashville with her last week shooting our lastest installment of TLFL and she had heavy bangs and thick, unkept eyebrows. Apparently this what is up and coming on the spring beauty scene and all the models are doing it so go and grab a pair of shears and ditch the tweezers... at least until next season.

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h said...

i've never plucked my eyebrows and my bangs have been in my eyes for the past few years... does this mean i was wayy ahead of the game?

no need to leave, google it here