Thursday, December 21, 2006

the style world according to richard zaino

when I come home to long island for the holidays, I seriously revert back to being an 8 year old. I wear the same over-sized sweatshirt for days in a row with no thought to what the peeps at the smithhaven mall think. wellllll, last night, we were heading out to pick up some gifts for my dad's secretaries (by the way, we picked out three very yummy smelling, over-sized candles for $5 each at marshalls. that added with a beautiful holiday bag made for an inexpensive and great looking gift) and he refused he go out with me looking like a ragamuffin. his very opinionated thought was why go out in your pajama top and big jeans when you can throw on a nice sweater and normal fitted pants because you dont who you are going to run in to or what impression you will need to make. I agree. I'm lazy about but I agree. there you have it folks - if it weren't for my dad, I would be talking trends in a flannel set from old navy and who the heck would be listening then?

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