Friday, December 29, 2006

end of days (in 2006)

left l.i. yesterday to mainline nyc straight into the veins before heading out to BVI, tortola tonite. hooked up with meg and nicole and sam. we had yumy sushi across the street from megs place on 1st and 1st. met the band army of me at the restaurant who were playing the bowery ballroom last night. they invited us to the show which we headed to after large amounts of sake and edamame. ended up catching the last part of their set and then got totally turned on to the headlining band, men women and children. this trendster highly suggests checking them out. after the show, we said our goodbyes and headed back to catch some zzz's. came home to an email from nicole's beau in the BVI who is throwing a mustache party for us upon our arrival. today I am checking out the bodies exhibit at the southstreet seaport, picking up a couple of much needed last-minute travel items (including a laura mercier lip gloss and stila cheek stain in petunia) and meeting cait and michael at panna II (my fave ny indian joint. go!), before leaving to ring in 2007 right. not a bad second to last day of the year rounding out a really great year.


JfromTheB said...

I want to see you on tv NOW!

J from the B

Anonymous said...

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