Friday, December 01, 2006

fashion is funny

sometimes I think the designers of today are just taking the piss. have you caught the oversized chanel plastic carryall? it literally looks like a black garbage bag but they've managed to add a double C charm to it and stick a $1000. price tag on. that's funny. how about gaultier's super-sized model in the paris runway shows? I'm sure her use was to be provactive from the backlash of the madris skinny model setback, but she was just that. used. funny? fashion is not saving the world so we cant take it too seriously so when gals get serious with such obvious attempts at irreverence, we must step back and laugh.

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Anonymous said...

that's the power of branding .

i'd like to see your reviews of dozen fashion designers ...

what's missing in mainstream media is actual reviews on fashion products - not they that's pretty nice color and its fashionable ..

will those oversized bags still be fashionable 5 years from now . how long to people save bags these days.

one of the hottest cell phones ever was the motorola razr - very thin design .. very cool looking and it cost 500 bucks. now they are down to 50 bucks and there are several kinds. it only took 3 years for the price to go down . same design and everything.

the problem with the oversized bag for 1000 bucks is that they don't mass produce it like cell phones but would it be worth 100 dollars 5 years from now..if they mass produced it .

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