Sunday, December 03, 2006

save the eggs!

me, bree and wendi got up super duper early and did the ovarian cancer friendship run/walk for cedars sinai. it was really fun. there were calvaries of ROTC army men running and yelling something about doing good in unison. sir yessir. we saw many good looking people this early in the AM and figured that good karma (and looks) do go to those who do this sort of thing. we were given t-shirts to wear for the walk and for a second we thought about tricking them out but realized it was 6am in the morning and we would take our chances looking like dorks if it means fighting the fight against ovarian cancer. p.s. if you're a women and reading this, schedule an appt. with your gyno to get the cervical cancer vaccine shot asap.


JfromtheB said...

good luck on your shoot!


InCog said...

I'd like to read about your eggs.


Anonymous said...

I think your blog site is my favorite! I think I saw you once in NY on Lexington Avenue!

Michelle Sinclair!

no need to leave, google it here