Monday, December 25, 2006

merry christmas, ya'll

I effin love xmas. got great gifts like a digi cam, white hotel sheets with black piping, betsey johnson shades and a tool kit. cait got tod's shoes and kate spade wellies, a barney's coat and a wicked awesome blender. my mom got two little blue boxes this year. a ceramic jewlery box from me and cait and a beautiful gold and mother of pearl necklace from my pops. clothes and accessories are the new toys. went to aunt marilyns, did the feast of the seven fishes thing. went to uncle mikes, did the nine hour italian dinner thing. just got home and headed to the movies with cait and michael to see blood diamond. it was incredible. leo is incredible. the movie is incredible. I said that. boycott diamonds. those things are bad news bears.

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