Monday, November 27, 2006

third world thoughts

just got back from a week long trek thru the nicaraguan and costa rican jungles with cailtin (my sis who is currently living in nicaragua). we had no cell or internet service down there as the country is truly the second poorest in central america with little to no civilized features. I wish I could do a report on the cultural fashions, however these people are just trying to survive. sad but true. I think every paris hilton, lindsay lohan and brit spears should take a trip down to these parts of our continent to catch a glimpse of what poverty is and how excessive and truly truly lucky we are to live in the u.s.a. such a luxury is taken for granted so its imperative to be reminded of our status in this world. we did end up staying in a little piece of heaven called the panacea de la montana in the mountains of playa tamarindo in costa rica. we had an unbelievable time at the yoga retreat and hope to go back again and again. I was thankful to be in such a place on thanksgiving which in turn shed light on my many thanks for my lovely life. asta la


Steve August said...

For those reading this who would like to get more involved in U.S. citizen advocacy efforts for better funding of anti-poverty efforts, please check out a group called RESULTS, with chapters all over the U.S.
Thanks. Steve August

Steve August said...

My blog to end world poverty is
Give it a look see. Thanks. Steve August.

JennyFromTheBlock said...

Sounds like we should all take a trip there...

J from the B

Anonymous said...

put up more pictures of your great adventures

no need to leave, google it here