Sunday, November 05, 2006

does this hamburger make me look fat?

as I've mentioned before, I am big fan of the sunday new york times. this week's style magazine section is *to quote david* the bomb. its all about food and style which if you think about it, is an art form filled with rich colors that stimulate all of your senses. I especially liked the section on celebrity photog and creator of wireimage, jeff vespa's muse du jour, L.A. hamburgers. I wish a hamburger was in my diet. Im currently on the zone which is fab and great and working but tough when I have visions of pinkberry dancing in me head.


InCog said...

I wish u were in that hamburger.


Anonymous said...

That hamburger looks delish! I love the picture on your website - you look so cute. Where did you get that outfit? I had one just like it but it got ruined when my neighbor stole it from my laundry (long story) - when is MODERN GIRLS coming back on?
J from the B

Lula said...

I always think I'm fashion forward - but you are always right on my tail!


Anonymous said...

When are you coming back to Chicago! We met at Nordstrom's and you introduced me to Spanks! Hello slim figure!!!!!!!

Come back to Chi-Town, my town.
(Chicago, Illanois)

no need to leave, google it here