Monday, July 24, 2006

back in black

black nail polish is making a comeback, kid. from new york fashionistas to bev hills beauties, I've seen all types of ladies (and cutie hipster boys) rocking the stuff. my fave is chanel's limited edition black satin for $18. you can also check out the local pharmacy for a cheapie but fun wet n' wild.


InCog said...

I bet you'd rock ANY nail polish!

Anonymous said...

Jess you keep rocking and flashing, fun to keep up with you from so you if I make it to LA or come visit in Amsterdam!


Jacquie said...

totally traumatized when my UWS nail salon was out of black last week- my fave for toes opposed to all the girls with yellowing French pedicures.

like your blog, found it when searching for info on Jackie Jewels for my site

Anonymous said...

how about music video reviews ...
your thoughts on the new jessica simpson video you care ? how does she keep getting press for doing so little.

JennyFromTheBlock said...

Are you plannning your own line of nail polish ever? What about your own line of hipster fashion, you little devil.


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