Wednesday, July 19, 2006

that's unbe-weave-able!

I got my hair did. straight up -- went downtown with my man (who gets his hair chemically straightened - shhh!) and had them put three layers of human hair from asia on my head. these chix know what they are doing. inspired by the modern girls "faking it" episode where I got the temp extensions, I got semi-perm extensions to try out for a while. I went from cutesy to womanly. its fun fer sher to at least test it out. it is pricey so if you are looking to do it, try a wig on or something first so you can see what the end result will look like. check out for details.


InCog said...

U look all Angelina like with the new flippin' do, girl. It's time we get to KNOW each other! Keep rockin!

JennyFromTheBlock said...

I was thinking of doing the same thing, but I'm afraid - maybe I'll check out straight perm - but does it hurt?
PS: you and the long hair have me wishin' I was Oprah and you were Gayle King!

Anonymous said...

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