Monday, September 10, 2007

live from new york, it's jess zaino!

I'm finally at ny fashion week, babeeee! I came in last night from lax to cover the fashionable week for my lovely friends at YAZ. I'm staying a t a really cool hotel, toted to be a "fitness hotel". have you ever such a thing? ginko biloba tea in the morning followed by an intense workout with a fitness concierge. and all before 9am. that'll certainly keep the endorphins running. the huge suite with 360 views of the city don't hurt either. there is an excitement in the air at the tents as we explore a more feminine and powerful silouhette for spring. my advice is take your newest season trend ideas from st.john girl, angelina jolie and say buh-bye the to the barbie look of paris hilton. tomorrow I hit the custo barcelona show with my new YAZ friends. I'll keep you posted. love, jess


Nicole said...

Tried to make me look like Angelina and I said NO NO NO!
I don't knwo what that St. John does but Ange wears the most utilitarian clothes and has ZERO style. only black and white and beige! You should be the fashion writer to finally realize that and blow her spot wide open! you are welcome!!

jessica said...

WOW! I wish I had that! lucky!

Anonymous said...

fitness hotel? so cool. can you imagine that every day? That's why the stars look like they do... and as for Angelina, I think she's fabulously feminine for her nights on the town. She can pull off any look (even utilitarian) and still bring the feminine flair!!!

marina said...

you lucky girl!

no need to leave, google it here