Sunday, September 16, 2007

swinging from the chandelier earrings

me and the fam are watching the emmys right now. I was bummed not being in l.a. getting in on the emmy lounges that boast all of the latest and greatest red carpet accouterments. what I have noticed from my red carpet couch is that most ALL of the women are piecing hanging chandelier earrings with plunging necklines. its a great look for evening and one that can certainly work for any upcoming events or holiday parties for you.


breebird said...

i couldn't agree more my spicy friend! i was particularly smitten with marcia cross's GORGE aqua blue earrings.

nicole said...

I loved marcia's earrings too! Where can I get them!? Or, let's be real, a knockoff of them?

no need to leave, google it here