Saturday, September 15, 2007

the italian family zaino

whew! fashion week was a whirl of editors and fashionistas and wonderfully delightful fresh looks of fitted silouhettes and flowy, metallics for sring 2008. I truly had a blast working the scene and hope to make it back for next season. since I was in new york, I thought I'd take advantage of chillin with my family. my sis caitlin surprised me by flying in from her home in geneva switzerland, so its quite a treat to have the whole fam at home on long island. my mom is busy in the kitchen cooking thanksgiving dinner (we've decided to celebrate tonite) while my dad oohs and aahs over a donovan dvd he purchased on PBS while I download iTunes (bjork, kanye, hindu chants for meditation) and my sister all the while, plays the ukelele to cap off our zaino family soundtrack.

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jessie. said...

Happy Thanksgiving! lol I hope it was fantastic!!XOX

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