Thursday, September 06, 2007


looks like day two brought in shades of grey/gray (what IS the correct spelling of that elusive color?) paired with bright, intense splashes of color for the woman coming out of her shell. keep an eye out for finnish model suvi kaponen who is the newest CK ad girl. tonite is the fashion rocks! show at radio city with huge guest celebs and jeremy piven hosting.


Anonymous said...

love bland with a splash of color, totally attracts attention..

jessica! said...

I LOVE SHADES!! MHM... Chanel are my absolute fave! <333 jess

Anonymous said...

when did this "emergence" of fashion and music come about? Or better yet, who was savvy enough to use it as a marketing tool? It's always been about since the tribal warrior dances of yesteryear. fashion and music go hand in hand like clouds in the sky. Loved it by the way. What was your fave look there?

Jess Zaino said...

my favorite look came from the people attending the shows - its there that you'll see the trends actually on the people - I love the scarves, jodphur boots, gold embellishments and RUFFLE ANKLE SOCKS WITH HIGH HEELS!!!!

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