Thursday, September 13, 2007

ditch the mood swings and the sweat pants!

I was up before sunrise to greet hair and make-up at the hotel before I started a national media tour for YAZ this morning. YAZ is birth-control that goes BEYOND birth control to eliminate bloating, moodiness and give you clearer skin even when its "that time of month". this applies to fashion because we are moving away from the casual look of last season and moving forward towards a more form-fitting look. think pencil skirts, fitted trousers and skinny jeans with a chunky oxford heel. I did phone interviews with maryland, seattle, detroit and more to talk fashion week and YAZ and it was too much fun yucking it up. especially with the male DJs who become incredibly uncomfortable when discussing women's main issue... fashion.


Anonymous said...

skinny jeans are still in!? i got on that a little late but am lovin' the trend, especially with chunky heels. keep the updates coming!

Anonymous said...

haha, women's main issue... fashion! Gotta love the pun here.

Jess Zaino said...

I thought that skinny jeans were on their way out too, but then I saw miss heidi klum in the west hollywood target (go back a few blog posts for a full report) in the skinniest of skinnys and I knew the trend was still at large. xo, jess

Jessica said...

i love your pictures here. haha you look like a little girl talking to her friend in the second one! aww haha.


jessicaa said...

is that a chanel purse?! *Gasp. =D

i get knockoffs. Its cheaper & i can get like 10 fake ones for the price of one real one! =] lol

Anonymous said...

You are such a total rock star..and fashion star. I love the fashion reports. So helpful! Any chance you can include info on accessories and jewelry?

no need to leave, google it here