Saturday, September 01, 2007

the next child star

I just finished up the week working as the on-air stylist/"brand" consultant for vh-1's newest celebreality show, the next child star with danny bonaduce. its a show danny created and its rife with drama and hope and catfighting and celebrity. my manager, the enchanting and enigmatic, miss marki costello is co-hosting (think the female simon cowell but hotter and better) the show and when it called for a style expert, the producer was a friend of mine and it all fell in to place. the first day at the valley manse, I had to meet with the parents and remaining contestants to discuss and create a "brand", like a young beyonce or a catholic sarah silverman. afterwards I headed to the glendale galleria to shop for the looks requested. five hours of shopping and I am here to report, if you are lil lady reading this or if you're a mama with lil' lady - the most versatile and fun store for the tween set is limited too. we hit up pumpkin patch, nordstrom kids and gap kids and everything I was looking for (fuzzy slippers with bling, knee high socks) and more was found at the limited too. so, if you're still doing some school shopping, now you know where to go. how the looks turned out, you'll just have to wait and see it on teeeeeeveeeeeeeee.

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lisat said...

I love how much of a train wreck Danny Bonaduce is. I almost accidentally ran him over at a red light once.

That is sure to let me know when it's on the teeeeveeee!

Lisa T.
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