Monday, September 03, 2007

auf Wiedersehen

this morning whilst shopping for nail polish remover, a fan (for my unair-conditioned hotbox of an apt.) and vogue's annual 800-page issue, I saw a tall drink of fabulous woman in the baby section. she was wearing tight gray skinny jeans with spiky high black heels. draped over the jeans, was a fabulous, kimono-style black studded floor skimming cover-up and her hair was in pulled up braided twists. I thought, my goodness, what a sight! I must know who this woman is! as I inched closer to tell this magnificent creature how lovely her ensemble was, wouldn't you know, it was heidi klum!! girl was working it. I myself was wearing pink sweatpants and my boyfriends old tee-shirt, so I decided to hold off on the sycophantic introductions for now. auf Widersehen.


Anonymous said...

If I saw heidi klum I would have bombarded her to know more about the new season of project runway! way to restrain yourself!

jess said...

She is gorgeous && i love project runway! && my dream is to go to FIDM in LA! <33333Jessica

no need to leave, google it here