Wednesday, September 12, 2007

trendster for men

my ultra-hottie boyfriend S. is one snappy dresser. really. he always puts a good outfit together with his unique mix of urban chic. fitted shirts, beautiful sport jackets and his favorite puma flip-flops or timz (you can take the boy outta brooklyn but you can't take the brooklyn outta the boy). we often discuss the lack of choices men have when it comes to fashion. well, I am here to report that I saw a male fashion trend emerging at this week's fashion week (and where better to spot the newest and coolest?). men with a crisp button down, tucked into a "skinny" jean or pant with a shortened length over a european oxford. of course it takes an open-minded man to test it out but I think it looks great and certainly gives men an alternative option to the baggy jeans and t-shirt look.


mazarine645 said...

Is that Diddy?
Sigh, I wish the men I knew woulddress like that. That's it! I am moving to Europe. Jess, where should I live?

Anonymous said...

now if only my man could look like that in those pants! what do you suggest for the "everyday" cutie? :)

Anonymous said...

whats the deal with Thome Brown?? i am hearing so much about him this fashion week around. whats the scoop on the ground?

Jess Zaino said...

thome brown certainly has his own unique sese of style. as you can see from the pics posted here, men can wear the "thom brown" high ankle trend and bring it back into the real world. as for the everyday cutie, I say make sure the t-shirts are clean and fitted (like a marc by marc jacobs) with a dark wash denim for a comfy but crisp casual look.

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