Saturday, February 05, 2011

online or hard copy?

mercedes benz fashion week is right around the corner so invites are swiftly making their way to the fashion elite. turns out, I'm considered included in this group, so woe! is me, my mailbox is filling up with invites of all shapes, sizes and weights. additionally, I get the online invites too, which usually come accompanied with a yes or no reply box. easy peasy. so, my question is, is it better to receive a gorgeous invite with all of the fashion week fixins in the mailbox or does an eco-friendly email pack the same fancy pants punch. you decide...


Bryanna M said...

dont forget about me :( LOL

kam said...

online replies all the way. If youre are the type of person who gets heaps of invites every year and want ease of time management then digital rocks!

if you think it wont happen again next year - nice to keep the invites and treasure them as a momnetos.

im a digital evangelist though so, im probaby a bit based.

love the blog!

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