Wednesday, February 23, 2011

mtv 'made' me a fan

mtv's made has been on the air for years turning nerds into homecoming kings and cheerleaders into skaters. so it was my pleasure when I was invited to a private screening of the show that while the subject, james padgett, wants to be a rapper, the storyline goes much deeper than that. his motivation to be a rapper comes from his desire to stop the bullying he suffers. bullying sucks. at any age. its hard to rise up when one feels they are beat down. we watch james be brave enough to confront his offenders and the rest, you'll have to tune in to see. and while james' boyish struggle is heartwarming, the real star of the show is Grammy award winning rap star, Killer Mike. he got swagger, style, heart and soul and seriously whips james and his attitude into shape. to catch this episode of made, it airs tomorrow, thursday 2/24 at 4pm. to stop bullying in schools, click here.

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