Friday, February 11, 2011

before it was barneys

I am a third generation New Yorker, so my ties to the city are true blue. My Dad, who was raised in the borough of Queens, Astoria specifically, had this hilariously heartbreaking story to share when I told him I would be interviewing Barneys New York Creative Ambassador Simon Doonan for Glamour Magazine... "Barneys Story, Funny or sad? Both are the same. I was a husky size, short and stocky. Back in the day Barney's on 17th Street always prided itself on fitting anyone. You guessed it I was in a small corridor of the store as a last resort and did not get any suit to fit my size. Is this what you want?? Humiliation and embarrassment." Thanks, Dad! To note, my Dad is still one of the hippest dressers around, always sporting the tortoise-shell Ray-Bans and Jack Nicholson-like combo of popped collar with his Brooks Brothers cashmere. And that short and stocky was passed down to me, which I love, so thanks for that too!

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