Friday, February 11, 2011

From Egypt, with love

You say you want a revolution? We've been watching the stir happening in Cairo, Egypt in the name of America's strongest trait, democracy. Their current President has been in office for over thirty years and it is the young people who are rising up and sayin' it ain't right. Hence, all the fighting and nasty images we're seeing on television. While the fighting is scary, the idea of students rising up together to overthrow a dictatorship is mighty. It reminds me of our 1960's when American students revolted against the Vietnam War and the staunch views of their parents generation. From this resistance, we created great art and fashion as a country; John Lennon's bed in, wide leg denim, fringe and boho chic are a few trends that come to mind. My bfriend is of Arabic descent and his father lives smack dab in the middle of Cairo. It has been scary for us here, waiting for calls, as their Internet and cell phones were shut off by their Gov't in an attempt to control the student masses from meeting. We received an email from his Dad in a temporary moment when the Internet ban was lifted and I thought it was so powerful to hear the experience from the inside, I wanted to share:

"Our Internet has been restored at least for now so we wanted to send you a quick note to say that we doing fine. We have plenty of food and drink and our neighbors have been absolutely marvelous in their nightly, all night, vigil in the streets surrounding our building and adjoining houses. They build camp fires in the middle of the streets as the nights are cold and keep contact with each other, whenever an intruder is suspected, through whistles and shouts. The neighbors and building caretakers are carrying sticks and two are carrying a 4 and 3 iron golf clubs contributed by yours truly. No match to guns but at least it offers some protection. This is being carried out throughout Egypt, especially greater Cairo. We've been making rounds to make sure that students, faculty and staff have sufficient funds to buy food as banks are closed and have been all week. Some students and faculty have accepted charter flights out of the country but most are staying put. We'll take it one day at a time."


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wishing them all the best .

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