Wednesday, February 09, 2011

michelle obama fashion icon

I freeeking love first lady michelle obama!! at the gym this morning, I had the pleasure of spending an hour working the elliptical on a level 12 incline (I must, I must, I must decrease my... a**!) and watching regis & kelly. on walks our first lady of awesome, michelle obama. she is class. she is sass. she is smart and substance. she has instilled in me a new level of pride to be an american. her initiative is spectacular and her story of the bee hive which produces organic honey on the south lawn had me begging for more. as if anything could top that, she's got on an incredibly cool, flowy trendy polka-dot dress belted at the waist with a pop of red showing off her legs for miles. she is it! always pushing the fashion envelope, including mostly an independent designer lineup in her bevy of beautiful outfits, michelle obama is absolutely the coolest first lady ever! as jackie o. was to chic and eleanor roosevelt was to action and hillary was to smarts, the mighty ms. o embodies white house cool. I'm forever a fan.


Gorete Sousa said...

Great Post!!!

Anonymous said...

ughhhh love her!!!

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