Monday, February 14, 2011

how NOT to get laid on valentine's day

why is it that the most comfy trend, which is considered high style amongst the female fashion elite is the thing that guys hate the most? I get that there is a certain poopie pant look to the harem pants and that a woman's best asset is covered by a plastic bag of layering...but again, so comfy. and in some cases, as paired with a cotton tank, chanel jacket, a ton of pearls and a bootie heel, so chic. proves that men are from mars and women love clothes. happy valentine's day lovers. get some.


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Style-a-billy said...

Hey Jess, just wanted to say that i just recently started reading your blog and i almost instantly fell in love it. So so funny and smart. I cant help but laugh out loud each time. Your are a great writer and wonderful presenter. Good good luck with everything and.... i want mooooree! :)

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