Wednesday, October 24, 2007

suspenders surprise!

my hair stylist and good friend andi and her good friend, jen roop got me the cutest pair of skinny suspenders from urban for my birthday. not one to have considered wearing such an accessory, I gave it a shot tonite paired with high waisted bitten jeans ($14.95) and a models and bottles tee. I like it. I'm all in.


Anonymous said...

ok the shirt is kick ass and i have been wanting to try suspenders. you look fab!

Victoria said...

I also got my suspenders from a friend and have become a real suspenders fan.

Jess Zaino said...

p.s. this weekend at the directives west fashion show, pat fields previwed her barbie luxe line and alot of the looks rocked skinny suspendres. go trendsters!!!

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