Sunday, October 14, 2007

right or wong

just got back from the l.a. fashion week suites and shows. really loved the black with gold detail look of the boulevard bags in the design suites. also thought heidi merrick's line of clothes were country club cool with a twist. jack rabbit's chanel inspired handbags were so of the moment with tassles and buttery leather and hovey lee's eco-friendly jewels can save the world (or at least yourself from bad accessories). had a front row seat at the sue wong show. she is such a class act. most of the collection followed her high art eye but I was surprised to see so many pieces made for the young and thin. she certainly tried something new following the l.a. trend of colorful and interestingly shaped, but it was nothing a girl who needs a bra (or something to eat) could rock. ms. wong however is a stand out, stand up designer who I respect, so maybe next time she'll hit the elegant for everybody mark.

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