Wednesday, October 24, 2007

georgie porgie and mrs. p

I love the crafty fun that is associated with our american commercial holidays! each season brings kitschy kitchen towels and scented candles of the hallo-christm-easter kind. this halloween is no exception in finding some holiday fun. finola recommended a great pumpkin patch in calabasas that S. and I hit up this weekend. we came back with the two pumpkins you see here, georgie porgie and mrs. p (who is tre exotique with her third eye bindi). I then made a pumpkin pie from our pumpkin family's innards (completely forgetting the sugar making for a disgusting treat) and got some pumpkin scented candles annnnd pumpkin ale from the grocery turning S.'s place into a pumpkin paradise (or maybe hell? bwahahahahhha).

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