Sunday, October 21, 2007

modern girls, HDIL and fashion week, oh mY!

yes, l.a. fashion week was here... and went. I did catch the sue wong show at the top of last week (which you can check out the exclusive footage for on youtube) but because of a tre busy work with the style network I was unable to get any other good shows in. no matter, I can assure you sightings of california casually-dressed kim kardashian, nicky hilton and bai ling were what this l.a. fashion week was all about. while the hollywierd hotties did their wanna-be haute thing, I was happy shopping with jane buckingham for a modern girls guide to gift giving. make sure to check it out on its air date the day after thanksgiving. I also worked with finola and the gang on a vintage-inspired how do I look? more details on that to follow. so fashion week for me was all about dressing and gifting modern regular girls which I'll take any day over a starlet in sweatpants sighting.

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