Monday, October 08, 2007

baby it's cold outside

having just spent the month in new york, I became quite acclimated to the brisk fall weather. I was able to correctly assess the temperature then successfully add the appropriate outer layer to my wardrobe. mets game in the nosebleeds - track suit. birthday dinner with friends - pashmina wrap. montauk weekend trip - my boyfriends oversized wool sweater. I came back to l.a. thinking I'd find an indian summer filled with cute button down sweaters and the occasional custo barcelona wrap. wrong! it's cold here. not what I expected at all for early october but then again who knows what the weather is doing these days. that said, what is a girl to wear in this semi-cold weather purgatory? here's a five point list of what one should consider to look extra cool in the (not too) cold...

1. love the swing jackets. those cute little 3/4 sleeve duster pieces that really play up shape and add as much or little color as you'd like. plus, it adds a high level hip factor to anyone's ensemble.

2. I love a double-breasted topcoat in a thin fabric for a form-fitting chic look. think jackie o. hits the new york public library. this season's jewel-toned colors like deep purple and royal blue mixed with plaid or houndstooth add a sophisticated pop of color.

3. a few posts back, I wrote of heidi klum in that lovely floor length kimono style sweater jacket. although we may not pull off (or find) such an item, an oversized wrap sweater in cashmere and gray is great for a luxuriously casual pulled-together look (and keeps you cozy to boot!).

4. I love a little bit of a rock n' roll so a fitted leather blazer or jacket that cuts at the hip creates a perfectly edgy rock star look.

5. anything metallic will surely have you looking out of this world. peacoats, a classic trench or leather bomber in silver, distressed gold or bronze is a trend wonder. a fun statement to add for this season.


fashionista said...

love the post. jess, i completely WORSHIP you, and you know that now! i always watch you on the look for less and how do i look, you are such an inspiration! keep on rockin!!


fashionista said...

oh yes, i dont want to sound stalkerish in any are just AMAZINGGG!

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