Monday, October 01, 2007

party like it's my berfday

last thursday was my 31st birthday. I am no longer a twenty-something. I am a full grown adult and as my mother so lovingly puts it, inching towards my 40's. bring it on. anyhoo, I was fortunate enough to be in new york to celebrate and celebrate we did! my boyfriend, S. put together a spectacular day that was kicked off very early in the a.m. with presents from my parents including a kalologie on robertson gift certificate (laser hair removal anyone?), betsey johnson shoes, a victorias secret gift card and ralph lauren polo blue for men (I roll like that). from S. was a great I heart new york bag (coz I do), a one-of-a-kind hello kitty tank, a mixed tape and a book (found on our san fran trip). we then headed into nyc to the ettia day spa uptown for my facial/sugarscrub/massage birthday combo. wow! this place is not a well-kept, oprah approved secret for nothing. great services on a dime. afterwards we had lunch at the new york institution, tavern on the green. we then headed over to tiffany to pick up a trinket which was a gift from my sister (who was already back in geneve). I opted for a silver venetian link bracelet. the store , blue bag and jewelery piece were a terrific part of a terrific day. by now, we're exhausted but still had the piece de resistance to attend. saundi planned a dinner at cuba on thompson for 10 of my nearest and dearest new york family and friends and we got down with the hand rolled cigars, live music, mojitos AND A FUDGIE THE WHALE CARVEL CAKE!!! until we closed the joint. it was an amazing birthday filled with such amazing presence and presents. I am now 31. I am blessed.


jessie said...

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! im glad you had a great one =] P.S. you still look like a "twenty-something" hahaha gotta love it and the modern girls.. hahahahah

<333 jessie

marina said...

Happy birthday, Jess! You definitely look like 25 years

Lauren said...

Happy Birthday!!

eye4style said...

Happy Birthday!

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