Friday, October 26, 2007

look out, it's LA!

wowie zowie fashionistas - I just got a glimpse of the fashion future and it is fiiiine. people put so much emphasis on l.a. fashion week but the real gem is directives west held at the california market center in downtown l.a.'s fashion district which allows buyers to make their purchases for what will be in the stores, spring 2008. more than fashion week, we're seeing the creme de la creme of california couture. it is here that you are getting a first glimpse of west coast chic. lots of short dresses (get a good razor), purple, silver metallics, leggins in different colors, bright colors, bold prints, patent leathers and funky little english hats. my stand out faves include baby doll dresses from voom by joy han and re:volve tees with a globally green message. start global cooling and give peas a chance.

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