Tuesday, November 20, 2007

turkey patrol

tomorrow my parents come out from new york. we have decided to have thanksgiving dinner at S's since I don't have a large enough kitchen or seating area in my tiny apt. so we're taking it to the east side. thanksgiving dinner is a HUGE undertaking. weeks ago, S and I had to sit down and prepare what we would be buying then had to schedule out when to do what and what our tablescape would be (as sandra lee says). S put the turkey on hold the other day (turkey on layaway? what is this, marshalls?) and picked up the sweet potatos and green beans from the framers market, now today I will get everything else annnnd start to bake the pie, ready the appetizers and corn the cornbread for stuffing. we're going with a harvest motiff and took a stroll through griffith park to pick up the oversized pine combs that pepper the ground up there. we cleaned them the other night then painted them with clear nail polish to keep the bugs away. I even spraypainted one gold but S said it was too gaudy and Italian. what can I say? I'm gaudy and Italian. stay tuned for more turkey tales and good luck with yours!


Jessica said...

keep the gold pine cone.. letcha italian,gaudy self come out! hahaha

<333 jess

Jess Zaino said...

lol. thanks jessica. what are you doing for thanksgiving?

no need to leave, google it here