Tuesday, November 27, 2007

trendster trend alert

people often ask how it is that I know about trends or what qualifies me to talk about them. I do what you can too. read magazines, check out fashion shows to see where the market is heading, track sales to see what consumers are buying but above all else is what sets the stylist apart from the general public and that is the artistic flair that we "style artists" apply our to oomph up a signature look. rachel zoe has her 70's halston dresses and today, trendster is bringing the sexy back. or rather, the hand corsage back. crazy as it may seem, I love the look and smell of the fresh flowers. the babys breath and carefully arranged carnations hearken back to a time of innocence. I've got the style wars competititon happening tonite at cinespace and I thought it would be fun to debut my debutante accessory at such a significant fashion event. the particular corsage I purchased was $15 from parisian flowers on sunset who serviced the hollywood industry for over fifty years including providing flowers commissioned by joe dimaggio to have placed on marilyn monroe's grave three times a year for ten years following her death. let's see if we can get this thing going, or at least let me lead the way and test the trendster trend out.

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