Friday, November 23, 2007

modern girls on style network tonite!

got the thanksgiving coma friends? best thing to do is veg out, watch some teevee and let it pass. so if you're digesting in front of the tube later on tonite, the modern girls holiday special I shot a couple of weeks ago is airing at 8pm on the style network. fun ideas for xmas gifts and more! happy thanksgiving!
xo, jess


jessie said...

Is it going to be on after this time??of course, i wont be able to see it =[[ im just getting mad that all style network is showing is 'clean house' and almost nothing more. lol

<333 jessie

Anonymous said...

Dag! I wish they would've let ME know when this was playin' player! Now I GOTS to catch the re-run, wee one!

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