Saturday, November 05, 2005

winter, spring, summer, fall

I'm sort of not into paying my rent this month. I have this self-destructive streak that shows itself in the weirdest of places -- sometimes guys, sometimes drinking... and now my senseless lack of respect for housing authourity? I'm living on the edge maaaan. me and aerosmith. my new favorite friend and her husband have invited me up to the four seasons in santa barbara this weekend for spa treatments, champagne breakfasts and a def lepard concert!? I'd rather throw my dough on that fun stuff that the annoyingly stable monthly staple of paying rent. perhaps if I bring back my landlord a 1987 hysteria t-shirt we can call it even. if you're looking for good band tees and stuff, there is a great place on the boardwalk in venice that sells cute D.I.Y. rock prints and of course there is always lo-fi on la brea, but I'd rather listen to a loop of hansons mmmmbop than pay $125. for a vintage rock tee. p.s. I've got a hanson rock tee. it's one of my favorites. also check out michele marcombe's collection of unique handbags, swimwear, dogwear, and baby bags created from authentic music/concert T-shirts, beach towels, and tuxedo shirts. cheers cheers. rock on, lovey.


Jacob said...

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Carnival said...

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