Thursday, November 10, 2005

helping the world one girl at a time

This was an email exchange I had this morning with a new young lady friend. I'm posting it because I want the world to know that I am focused and interested in making the world a better place, even if that includes helping one girl out there feel better about who she is as a female and person...

Hey Girl --
Thanks for writing. I am proud to say I can help others help themselves. Media can be so tough on women and its hard to accept yourself when as a female, the expectations to look "beautiful and skinny" are so high. I say we break that now! I am happy with who I am and am much more interested in someones character than their outward appearance. You seem really cool. It must have been tough to grow so fast so young but that's what makes you special, so F em all and stand tall (pun intended!). Thanks again. xoxoxoxoxoox. Jess

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Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2005 00:28:03 -0500

(if this even gets to you) I just wanted to say thank you. I am sure you hear this all the time but you are so damn cute and seem like a little fireplug!!! I bet your the type of person that just lights up a im not hitting on you promise, im a straight girl..i just wanted to write you and tell you thank u, i am sure u r going to get to one a role model to atleast one girl in ur lifetime...and well truthfully thats amazing..u just seem so incredibly ok with ur own skin...there arent many girls especially in the media that are..and u just give that aura that u have this self esteem that many of us lack. Ive spent my entire life trying to be secure with myself..tryin to accept me as much as i accept others that come in my path...i , probably spent a childhood much like urs...i am the opposite of u , i am 6' the age of 9 i was a 5'9 girl...not an easy feeling as im sure uve dealt with in ur lifetime and ive always struggled with my weight and with diets...i am 22 and have finally begun to accept my self for all that i am..i just wanted to thank u , u r changing girls throught the world one girl at a time!

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