Friday, November 25, 2005

gobble gobble, son

I can do some serious marinatin' on posting to my blog here. How was turkey day for you? Mine was stuffed (pun intended) with lots of food and fun friends! What is appropriate attire for Thanksgiving? It is a holiday so I always find it necessary to dress up a bit but when the day is centered around eating pounds of carbs and sugar, I think sweatpants should be the official outfit du jour. I'm not into Juicy-like tracksuits, but I am a major fan of Adidas and other English or Japanese imports. I also love the look of the Victoria's Secret PINK line. Here's a tip for you though, head to the nearest pharmacy and pick up a pair of sweatpants for $5. to cut, roll down, one leg up, whatever. Its way cooler and way cheap! I was on set for an Omarion/Marques Houston movie a couple of weeks ago and everyone on set was rocking the sweatpants over pants over boxers look. weird. is that the new hip-hop hotness or what?


Naren said...

just happened to catch your show (looks for less on style) .. once again, it was accidental and couldnt change the channel off of you. you looked very cute .. i promise i am not a bot lol

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