Tuesday, November 01, 2005

somebody help me

It was a hot Halloween night in Hollywood as several unsuspecting journalists piled into a van and headed up to Lake Arrowhead to the horror movie set of Somebody Help Me, directed by Chris Stokes and starring rap star, Omarion. Three hours in bumper to bumper traffic and up a very windy and steep cliff of a road to interview Omarion for j-14 Magazine. If I learned anything from my tour days, its that the best thing to do on a long ride is to sleep. Which is what I did. Professional? Uh, maybe not. But that ride was loooong and I wasn't in the mood to make friends. We got up into the Big Bear mountains and pulled up to a cabin where the cast and crew of Somebody Help Me have been living for the past month shooting. We waited a couple of hours before Omarion showed up stealing the set apricots and kicking it with the crew but once O did show, he did he was waaaay nice and energetic and accomodating. We got to sit down in one of the back bedrooms and have our journalistic way with him. He is all about entertaining and to building a good business for the future of young people in film. I hope he goes far. Watch for the film and for the article. Coming soon.

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