Tuesday, November 08, 2005

how do I look?

I've been shooting How Do I Look this week for the Style Network. Things have come a looong way since the first season I was on. They've rented a house in the hills to appear as Finola's House of Style type thing. Sort of like ANTM's House of Top Model but minus the midwest runaways and the judgement... well, the judgement actually stays. This time around, I've nominated the victim. Its my friend Irene Vaksberg who owns the Vaksberg Salon in West Hollywood and who is the premier hair artist of Los Angeles in my humble opinion. I dont let anyone else feck with my 'do. I'm the show Stylist, along with the accomplices who are my good friend Andi and Irene's daughter Monica, It was pretty rough yesterday as we had to tell her why she needed a makeover and what bad style she has. It's never easy to tell someone, especially your good, kind, selfless friend, those things. She cried and for the first time on teevee, I did too. what a sap I am . anyhoo, Finny's looking fab as usual. We'll be doing our shopping today to buy the collections for Irene's new look. We get $1200 to shop for the day at the Beverly Center. This is my favorite part!!!

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