Wednesday, November 16, 2005

she's crafty

I came up with a brilliant idea for an ellegirl or teen vogue magazine page. its a comic strip with live-action pictures featuring a celebrity doing something crafty. I created a "pitch" strip a couple of months ago with the teen girl-pop band, the valli girls. they were young and cute and at the time could've gone somewhere. I always thought about what they were up to. well, last night I was at the laugh factory with my very funny friend, dwayne perkins, who was performing and dane cook got up and performed. dane cook is hilarious. I've seen him a couple of times now and have his albums. really funny stuff. after the show, we were sort of hanging around with him and the others and there was the lead singer and another band mate from the valley girls. apparently, the lead singer, raquel is dane's girlfriend. now this may not seem like any news at all and its really not but it was confusingly amusing to see this chick who fronts a teen band, swigging drinks at the laugh factory bar. hollywood is great!


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Naren said...

Just happened to catch your show on Style network. didn't catch the beginning of the show but it had features on moving, feng shui and yard sale. I don't watch style network and just couldnt change the channel as I was mesmerized by your cuteness. You just came across as a bundle of energy and joy and hope you are like that off camera too.
John Naren

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