Thursday, September 01, 2011

spirit preceeds style

...I now interrupt your regular style programming for a quick dip into the spiritual realm. with a hurricane and earthquake showing up in nyc this past month and the other upheaval stuff going around, I am reminded by rev. karen weingard that "THE NEW WORLD IS UNFOLDING...Consciousness Precedes Form

So much in the world is changing. Dictators are overthrown...people are asserting their conditions are topsy turvy...and being centered in God becomes our only compass. I believe that these changes are creating a requalification and transformation of who we are uniquely. We are being forced to go center ourselves in what is truly well as to prioritize our values.

Our universe is in the pattern of powerful evolution into truly becoming a world where we move from Love. That means that we must become the loving beings that God intended. It also means that we treat one another with great respect, compassion and kindness. We're in a time where we don't know what to expect and we need to live fully aware of the present moment. We are being provided with an opportunity to wake up more than ever. Our consciousness has expanded and in our desire to be more authentic...and to be in our integrity, we are shifting the collective.

How exciting it is to realize that we have a powerful role in how the world unfolds...There are many questions that we can ask ourselves; What is really important? Are you starving yourself of the spirit that you are? Who are you really? How do you want to show up moment to moment? Are you willing to let go of any ways that you have controlled or manipulated those around you. Are you swirling out of control...or are you anchored in the eye of the storm which is that silent safe place that is the I AM PRESENCE?

In one week on the east coast people experienced an earthquake and a hurricane...Quite a shake up! What is being shaken loose in your life? What is collapsing under the shifts that you're moving through? Are you willing to live in a world where Love is truly our guiding energy? I
believe that LOVE is the frequency we need to embody and vibrate with. These are interesting times and it's exciting to remember that we chose to be here right now...That means that we are needed to show up as the love we truly are...The Universe needs YOU and the Universe needs me too!

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connie said...

Wow jess what a powerful reminder. I too agree we are going through a huge time of collective transition and planetary transformation, with a new world in the process of being born. I love the message here - to take personal responsibility for your own transformation and how it will support the larger process. Yes, LOVE is sooo what is important now!

Thank you for following my blog too :)

Love & Light xxx

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