Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Eye See You

Of late, I've been working with MTV and the spectacularly talented, Miss Heather Holliday. Not only is she an expert sword swallower, fire eater and knife thrower, but she's got a mean sense of her own brand of NY Hard Core meets Betty Page style. I'm inspired! While I won't be donning any show costumes any time soon, I am on the lookout for a sexy pair of vintage cat eye sunglasses. And as luck would have it, Miss Holliday pointed me in the purr-fect direction. Fabulous Fanny's on 9th Street in the East Village has an incredible catalogue of vintage pieces. I'm thinking about getting proper spectacles and replacing the lens with darkened sunglass lenses. If you're not in the area, or spending a pretty penny on accessories for your peepers is not your thing, you can buy them online here for $14.

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