Thursday, September 30, 2010

fine wine.

(September, 27 - NYC) Another year older for moi and loving every minute of it! I love feeling like a woman. Coming into my own and knowing I can kick some serious ass in life. Balls to the wall, Bebe! I celebrated my 34th with a relaxing facial at Gurney's Spa in Montauk, thanks to my sister, The Urban Grocer. Day of, me & Maj threw an intimate bash at Norwood with the help of my college bud, Lady E. Hostess Cupcakes and LOTS of Champgne and strawberries. I wore an $8.50 scoop neck, Cheetah dress, red Chanel Rouge lips and had my hair did Betty Draper style by Meg D. at Salon V. Love my friends! Loved the day! Loving life! Especially loving you. Insert wink emoticon here.


Jen. F said...

Looks fun, you look incredible! Happy Bithday Jess!!!

Bryanna M said...

You look so pretty!!! <3

Anonymous said...

Where did you find your dress?

no need to leave, google it here