Wednesday, September 15, 2010

the ultimate rock n' roll stylist

with new york fashion week wrapping up, the fashion illuminati is inspired and ready to create! for all such inspiring stylists out there, you should know the name luke storey. the man is a rock n' roll legend working with the likes of marilyn manson, dave grohl and perry farrell. his dash of leather mixed with tailored fits make for a grown up rock vibe which has most of hollywood's rock royalty calling. being the super cute style g*d that he is, luke launched the school of style in l.a. taking aspiring stylists to the next level in their wardrobe career. collaborating with amazing partners like smashbox, ace hotel and a v.i.p. contact lists that will leave students drooling, luke is taking his show on the road and hitting the big apple. the weekend of october 10th will mark your chance to learn from the best and leave all the rest in your dust, dolls. hit up the site and sign up for class today. the school of style is in session. xx.


BryannaM said...

ughhh more school? lol jk sounds like my kinda place

Anonymous said...

but this is a FUN school!

no need to leave, google it here