Saturday, May 05, 2007

the other jessica

I had a fab time down in tampa with the home shopping network and even got to meet some very interesting and recognizable business folk. I happened to appear after master chef wolfgang puck several times so we would run into each other in the halls. that man is made of good energy and vibes (as S. says). no wonder he is a culinary whiz cum worldwide personality. also on the list of amazing star sightings was none other than ken paves, ruler of jessica simpson's locks as well as so many other celebs. he did a line of clip ons with ms. simpson and was doing an HSN special for them annnnd staying in the same hotel as moi. I approached him and the entourage at lunch by the pool and asked for a photo for my blog. I seriously asked for a photo from this guy. while he was eating. for my blog. only a die hard trendster would get super psyched over a hairstylist. what a dork I am. I did however, get the shot.

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